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So this weeks post (a few days late, sorry) isn't really about photography but more of a history lesson. I went for a walk yesterday along a section of the Trans Pennine Trail from Penistone around Oxspring and back to the house. There are plent of helpful way markers, notice boards along the route as well as this informative bench.

I've always been interested in local history but had never thought to look if Penistone, or any of the surrounding area, was mentioned in the copy of the Domesday Book that I own. The bench shows a simplified version of the entry which according to my book translates as:
In OXSPRING and ROUGHBIRCHWORTH, Swein had 2 carucates of land to the geld, and there could be 2 ploughs. Ilbert has it, and it is waste. TRE it was worth 20s. [There is] woodland pasture 6 furlongs long and 3 broad.
Apparently TRE stands for the Latin "Tempore Regis Edwardi" which translates to "in the time of King Edward", i.e. before the 1066 conquest. A few pages earlier there is the entry for Penistone which apparently translates as:
In PENISTONE, Alric had 10 bovates of land to the geld, and there could be 1 carucate of land[sic]. Now the same man has it of Ilbert, and it is waste. TRE it was worth 20s.
Whilst the post isn't really about the photograph I did do a little work on it for the post; adjust the colour balance and contrast to make the words stand out a little more than they did in the original.


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