Rippled Reflections

Ripples ReflectionsRippled Reflections
CameraFujifilm FinePix A900
Exposure Modeauto
Focal Length8.8mm
Exposure1/140 sec.
ISO Speed200
It's been a busy week with work and so not only have I not had time to go out and take new photos I've not really had much time to spend working on old one's either. The reason I've been busy is that I'm going away to a project meeting in Sofia next week, so hopefully by the next post I should have been able to take a few interesting pictures (just one would be nice). So with that in mind I thought I'd look back to a previous work trip for this post.

I've been to work meetings in Bled, Slovenia on two separate occasions; in January of 2008 and 2009. The second time was exceptionally cold (I stepped off the plane into -17C) and snowy. If you read this blog regularly then you will already now how the lake in Bled looked as I posted a rather atmospheric photo from that trip which I called Misty Moisty Morning. The photo for this weeks post though comes from my first trip to Bled in January of 2008. So now you know what Lake Bled looks like in good weather! To highlight the two main items of interest here are a couple more photos from the same trip showing the church and the castle.

Rippled Reflections

If you have read this blog (or posts about Bled on Tales from an English Coffee Drinker) then you will know that the church is actually the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. According to the official history of the site the current church dates to 1698 although there is evidence to suggest activity on the island as far back as the 7th century BC. I haven't managed to find out quite as much about Bled castle although according to it's website there has been a castle on the site since at least the year 1011.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and hopefully there will be new and exciting photos from Sofia for next weeks post!


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