Peaceful Coexistence

Peaceful CoexistencePeaceful Coexistence
CameraSony DSC-F828
Exposure Modeauto
Focal Length7.1mm
Exposure1/80 sec.
ISO Speed64
As you may remember from the last post we recently took a trip to Helmsley in North Yorkshire with the aim of spending some time walking around the walled garden. Between us we took a lot of photos in the garden (137 to be precise) while trying to keep out of the odd torrential downpour! Most of the photos were just of random plants that we liked though and not really worthy of showing to anyone.

In comparison to all the other photos we took I really like the one I've chosen for this weeks post and I think it is interesting enough to share. Photography wise it isn't really anything special. I just turned on the camera's macro mode, pointed the camera, and pressed the button. The hard part of course was hoping that the two bees would stay in sensible positions while I got the camera ready. I actually took three photos, this was the first, and by the time I took the other two they had moved and the moment had gone.

For those of you who are interested in wildlife I think I've managed to identify the two species of bee using this handy identification website. The bee on the left is a buff-tailed bumblebee (or in Latin Bombus Terrestris) whilst the one on the right is a red tailed bumblebee (Bombus Lapidarius). No prizes for guessing which is the Communist!


Don said...

Nice pic. I have a swarm of bees living in a tree in my backyard. I'm going to co-exist peacefully until winter when the tree loses its leaves. Then I'm going to reassess. ;-) Your picture reminded me that peaceful co-existence is an option.

Mark said...

Hi Don. Bees I can live with, wasps on the otherhand are a different matter!

Synflame said...

I wasn't even aware of the existence of red bees so I've happily co-existed in ignorance all this time. As you rightly point out, wasps are a very different matter, especially after getting stung in the middle of the forehead whilst driving along the motorway.

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