Accidentally In 3D

Accidentally In 3DPeaceful Coexistence
CameraSony DSC-F828
Exposure Modeauto
Focal Length7.1mm
Exposure1/160 sec.
ISO Speed64
I know that not everyone enjoys 3D photos but I think that the photos in this post stand on their own so hopefully everyone will enjoy the post -- if you can't remember how to view the 3D images then see this previous post on the topic.

Back in July we spent a very enjoyable weekend in Herefordshire. As well as lots of good food, wine and company I photographed quite a lot of interesting wildlife. Quite a lot of the photos I took were of butterflies and day flying moths using the camera's macro mode. I was quite happy with most of the photos, especially those that were in focus, but I realised that I'd accidentally stumbled upon something interesting -- the 3rd dimension!

Normally when taking 3D photos you need to move the camera at least a few inches between shots in order to ensure an obvious difference between the two views. When taking macro photos though even a small movement can be enough to generate interesting 3D images. I didn't deliberately take 3D photos of moths and butterflies but I must have moved slightly between shots and stumbled accidentally into the third dimension!

I accidentally took quite a few 3D macro photos over that weekend but I choose the Burnet Moth as probably the best of the bunch. I really like the way he is sat on the thistle head and that one antennae sticks outwards towards you and one disappears back into the frame.

Aligning these images properly was actually quite difficult. As well as slight movements left and right, which given the 3D effect, I'd also moved forward and backwards slightly between shots which meant scaling one of the views so that they both matched. Fortunately I didn't have to figure out how to scale and align the images by hand as I simply added support for zooming to 3DAssembler and the auto layout mode did the rest!

Here is another 3D macro photo from the same weekend, this time showing a mating pair of Marbled White butterflies, and I'm sure that even those of you who don't really like the 3D photos can enjoy the separate views.

Accidentally In 3D

I've released the new version of 3DAssembler (v2.0.0) that I used to create the stereoviews in this post and whilst I've only shown the parallel versions of the 3D images 3DAssembler can also create the images as; cross-eyed, red-cyan, amber-blue and green-magenta. If you have the right glasses for these formats and want to use them then you can download the photos used in this post and create the 3D photos in which ever format you would prefer, enjoy!


ADRIAN said...

I can never see them in 3D. It is fascinating though.

Mark said...

Damn, I think that's at least 50% of my regular readership that can't see the 3D effect. Hopefully everyone can still appreciate the separate views.

Back to 2D for the next photo I promise.

GB said...

Yes. I, for one, have no problem enjoying the individual views for what they are. In this case the Marbled Whites are especially attractive.

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